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Court Records Request Form

How can I avoid re-entering my information into each form field when creating multiple requests?
All browsers have a feature called "AutoComplete" for "AutoFill". This feature helps you to enter information into fields of previously-submitted forms without having to retype everything. All you'll have to do is double-click within each textbox.

For instance, lets say you submit a form with the name "John Doe". When you go to submit another form, you can just double-click within the "First Name" box, and "John" will appear in a list. If you double-click within the "Last Name" box, "Doe" will appear in a list.

Instructions: Please complete this form in order to submit your records request. The Kansas Open Records Act allows public agencies three (3) business days in which to respond to your request.

(* denotes required field)
Terms & Conditions
  • Appointed attorneys will not incur fees associated with emailing scanned documents or copies.
  • Fees apply to all district and city attorney offices unless statutory authority is provided.
  • An access fee of $12.00 per hour, prorated by the quarter hour, will be charged for paper copies.
  • Copies are 25 cents per page in addition to the access fee.
  • Certified copies (stamped seal) are $1.00 per document plus copy and access fees.
  • Authenticated copies (raised seal) are $2.00 per document plus copy and access fees. Authentications may take up to ten business days to complete.
  • Faxed copies are $1.00 per page (local number) or $2.00 per page (long distance) in addition to the access fee.
  • Shipping & Handling charge is $1.00 per 100 pages. Additional costs may apply to exceptional requests.
  • The court may require prepayment of a $12.00 access fee for cases filed prior to 1990 or when case number is unknown. Please make checks payable to District Court.
  • The court does not provide copies of marriage licenses, death certificates, or birth certificates. These may be obtained through the Department of Vital Statistics at 785-296-1400.
  • All files must be returned within seven (7) days or immediately upon request of the court.
  • Files shall not be disassembled for copying.
  • All requests are subject to the availability of the records when the request is made. Bulk requests are denied under Kansas Supreme Court Administrative Order 189.
  • Records requests submitted by fax or mail are subject to the above terms and conditions.

Request # 21-4017
Today's Date/Time Sunday, October 24, 2021 2:16 PM
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