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Property Search Results: Real Property

Please Note: This information is assumed current as of: 1/16/2022. For more current information, please call the Appraiser's Office: (785) 832-5133.

Property Information
 Year: 2021Pin Number: 023-072-09-0-00-00-002.02-0Plate/Record Id: 300094B
 Owner 2: (no record)
 In-Care-Of: (no record)
 Property Address: 1984 E 1600 RD, LAWRENCE, KANSAS
 Mailing Address: 1984 E 1600 RD LAWRENCE, KS, 66044-9459
 Delinquent Tax: NoTax Unit: 205School: USD 497
 Sec-Twp-Rng: (no record)Book: 1077Page: 1340
Value Information
 R $81,770 $310,990 $392,760 $9,404 $35,764 $45,168

*Market or Ag use

Tax Information
Tax data for 2021 has not been calculated at this time. To view taxes for this property, please select a previous year from the 'Select Year' drop-down menu.
Property Description
21.76A 9-12-20 COM AT SW COR N1/2 NW 1/4 TH N 0DEG27'20"W 70.01 FT TO PT BEG,SD PT BEING ON W LINE N 1/2 NW 1/4;TH CONT ALONG SD W LINE N 0DEG27'20"W 531.5 FT TH S89DEG27'28"E 1786.7 FT TH S 0DEG23'19"E 529.8 FT TH N89DEG30'53"W 1786.05 FT TO PT BEG (DIV 1997 300094)