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Property Search Results: Real Property

Please Note: This information is assumed current as of: 5/27/2020. For more current information, please call the Appraiser's Office: (785) 832-5133.

Property Information
 Year: 2019Pin Number: 023-079-32-0-30-10-007.00-0Plate/Record Id: U08256A
 Owner 1: STUDIO 804 INC
 Owner 2: (no record)
 In-Care-Of: (no record)
 Property Address: 1501 OAK HILL AVE, LAWRENCE, KANSAS *
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 Mailing Address: 1465 JAYHAWK BLVD LAWRENCE, KS, 66045
 Delinquent Tax: NoTax Unit: 041School: USD 497
 Sec-Twp-Rng: (no record)Book: 1161Page: 3840
Value Information
 R $33,030 $35,450 $68,480 $3,798 $4,077 $7,875

*Market or Ag use

Tax Information
TaxSpecial TaxTotal TaxTaxes PaidMill Levy
Tax Payment Information
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Please Note: The Accuracy of Payment Information is not Guaranteed. If you have questions regarding payment information, contact the Treasurer's office at (785) 832-5178.

Property Description
SP 10/1/18 SEE ALSO U08256AB; FAIRFAX LT 37 & ADJ VAC ALLEY 46 X 142(I) 6793SF (C)