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Candidate Reports

Candidate receipts and expenditures reports for elections held in Douglas County, Kansas.

*Amended = Amended report
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Julie ConstantinescuBaldwin City CouncilCity
Brian CramerBaldwin City CouncilCity
Nicholas GoodmanBaldwin City CouncilCity
Sean HareBaldwin City CouncilCity
Scott LauridsenBaldwin City CouncilCity
Susan PittsBaldwin City CouncilCity
Peter SextonBaldwin City CouncilCity
David SimmonsBaldwin City CouncilCity
Jerry SmithBaldwin City CouncilCity
Shane StarkeyBaldwin City CouncilCity
AJ StevensBaldwin City CouncilCity
Cory VenableBaldwin City CouncilCity
Marilyn PearseBaldwin City MayorCity
Casey SimoneauBaldwin City MayorCity
Brian Cramer (Mayor)Baldwin City MayorCity
Jamie CoxBaldwin City USD 348City
Jamin PerryBaldwin City USD 348City
Lacy KellermanBaldwin City USD 348City
Kelley Bethell-SmithBaldwin City USD 348City
Tony BrownBaldwin City USD 348City
Phillip HarveyBaldwin City USD 348City
Kruger GregoryBaldwin City USD 348City
Ande ParksBaldwin City USD 348City
Christopher PerryBaldwin City USD 348City
Susan SchiffelbeinBaldwin City USD 348City
Carrie StevensBaldwin City USD 348City
Steve LyonsBaldwin City USD 348City
Victoria "Tori" YardleyBaldwin City USD 348City
Chad BrecheisenBaldwin City USD 348City
Buck BradleyBaldwin City USD 348City
Michael T. KennedyBaldwin City USD 348City
Ken SnyderBaldwin City USD 348City
Bradley PetersonBaldwin City USD 348City
Mindy KingBaldwin City USD 348City
Alex CurnesEudora City CommissionCity
Brian LandonEudora City CommissionCity
Roberta LehmannEudora City CommissionCity
Timothy L. BruceEudora City CommissionCity
Jolene BornEudora City CommissionCity
Ruth E. HughsEudora City CommissionCity
Peter LattaEudora City CommissionCity
Timothy ReazinEudora City CommissionCity
Rex TedrowEudora City CommissionCity
Lance HandleyEudora City CommissionCity
Zachariah N. Brooks (City Commission)Eudora City CommissionCity
James KerbyEudora City CommissionCity
Eric AhlanderEudora USD 491City
Mark ChrislipEudora USD 491City
Joseph HurlaEudora USD 491City
Michael KelsoEudora USD 491City
Lynn ReazinEudora USD 491City
Eric VotawEudora USD 491City
Samantha ArredondoEudora USD 491City
Charis GrosdidierEudora USD 491City
Heather WhalenEudora USD 491City
Claire HardingEudora USD 491City
Becky PlateEudora USD 491City
Kelley WoodsEudora USD 491City
Zachariah N. Brooks (USD)Eudora USD 491City
Justine O. BurtonLawrence City CommissionCity
Kristie AdairLawrence City CommissionCity
Michael AmyxLawrence City CommissionCity
Jennifer AnandaLawrence City CommissionCity
Mike AndersonLawrence City CommissionCity
Stuart BoleyLawrence City CommissionCity
Bassem ChahineLawrence City CommissionCity
Dave CrawfordLawrence City CommissionCity
Michael DeverLawrence City CommissionCity
Ken EasthouseLawrence City CommissionCity
Jeremy FarmerLawrence City CommissionCity
Brad FinkeldeiLawrence City CommissionCity
Chris FlowersLawrence City CommissionCity
Joey HentzlerLawrence City CommissionCity
Matthew HerbertLawrence City CommissionCity
Lisa LarsenLawrence City CommissionCity
Stan RasmussenLawrence City CommissionCity
Terry RiordanLawrence City CommissionCity
Rob SandsLawrence City CommissionCity
Bob SchummLawrence City CommissionCity
Courtney ShipleyLawrence City CommissionCity
Leslie SodenLawrence City CommissionCity
Dustin StumblingbearLawrence City CommissionCity
Corinne ViolaLawrence City CommissionCity
Christian LycheLawrence City CommissionCity
Amber SellersLawrence City CommissionCity
Ma'Ko'Quah JonesLawrence City CommissionCity
Bart LittlejohnLawrence City CommissionCity
Eric HydeLawrence City CommissionCity
Shawn PearsonLawrence City CommissionCity
Gillian Rogers ShawLawrence City CommissionCity
Milton ScottLawrence City CommissionCity
Mark BradfordLawrence USD 497City
Gretchen ListerLawrence USD 497City
Ronald Gordon-RossLawrence USD 497City
Jill HayhurstLawrence USD 497City
Erica HillLawrence USD 497City
James HollingerLawrence USD 497City
Rick IngramLawrence USD 497City
Melissa JohnsonLawrence USD 497City
Kelly JonesLawrence USD 497City
Shannon KimballLawrence USD 497City
Randy MastenLawrence USD 497City
Keith Diaz MooreLawrence USD 497City
Thea PerryLawrence USD 497City
Paula SmithLawrence USD 497City
Steve WallaceLawrence USD 497City
Andrew NussbaumLawrence USD 497City
Douglas ReddingLawrence USD 497City
Travis TozerLawrence USD 497City
Leticia A. GradingtonLawrence USD 497City
Markus LoganLawrence USD 497City
Myranda ZarlengoLawrence USD 497City
Elizabeth StephensLawrence USD 497City
Jody MeyerLawrence USD 497City
Kay EmersonLawrence USD 497City
Melissa ClissoldLawrence USD 497City
Nate MorschesLawrence USD 497City
Rachel StumblingbearLawrence USD 497City
Anne CostelloLawrence USD 497City
Yolanda FranklinLawrence USD 497City
Carole Cadue-BlackwoodLawrence USD 497City
Kevin CoronadoLawrence USD 497City
Ariel MinerLawrence USD 497City
Edward GonzalesLawrence USD 497City
Brandon MooreLawrence USD 497City
Tierra TeskeLawrence USD 497City
Sven AlstromLawrence City CommissionCity
Price T. BanksLawrence City CommissionCity
Judith (Judy) BellomeLawrence City CommissionCity
Tom BraccianoLawrence City CommissionCity
James BushLawrence City CommissionCity
Hugh CarterLawrence City CommissionCity
Robert ChestnutLawrence City CommissionCity
Dennis D. ConstanceLawrence City CommissionCity
Scott CriquiLawrence City CommissionCity
Aron CromwellLawrence City CommissionCity
Reese HaysLawrence City CommissionCity
Lance JohnsonLawrence City CommissionCity
Tom JohnsonLawrence City CommissionCity
Gwendolyn KlingenbergLawrence City CommissionCity
Mike MachellLawrence City CommissionCity
Nicholas MarloLawrence City CommissionCity
William OlsonLawrence City CommissionCity
Michael RostLawrence City CommissionCity
Christy MalloneeLecompton City CouncilCity
Owen MalloneeLecompton City CouncilCity
Tim J. McNishLecompton City CouncilCity
Jennifer SmithLecompton City CouncilCity
Jimmy Wilkins (City Council)Lecompton City CouncilCity
Jimmy Wilkins (Mayor)Lecompton City MayorCity
Steve JacobsCounty Commissioner District 1County
Mike GaughanCounty Commissioner District 1County
John MagnusonCounty Commissioner District 1County
Patrick KellyCounty Commissioner District 1County
Gregory RobinsonCounty Commissioner District 1County
Arch NaramoreCounty Commissioner District 1County
Charles JonesCounty Commissioner District 1County
Ken AdkinsonCounty Commissioner District 2County
David BrownCounty Commissioner District 2County
Grant EichhornCounty Commissioner District 2County
Bob JohnsonCounty Commissioner District 2County
Jesse L. Brinson Jr.County Commissioner District 2County
Frank MaleCounty Commissioner District 2County
Brett LaRueCounty Commissioner District 2County
Shannon ReidCounty Commissioner District 2County
Sara L. TaliaferroCounty Commissioner District 2County
Nancy ThellmanCounty Commissioner District 2County
Jere McElhaneyCounty Commissioner District 3County
Ken GrotewielCounty Commissioner District 3County
Clerence HillsCounty Commissioner District 3County
Jim MullinsCounty Commissioner District 3County
John TachaCounty Commissioner District 3County
James DenneyCounty Commissioner District 3County
James FloryCounty Commissioner District 3County
James WeaverCounty Commissioner District 3County
Michelle DerusseauCounty Commissioner District 3County
Pam McDermottCounty Commissioner District 3County
Shannon PortilloCounty Commissioner District 3County
Ronald ThackerCounty Commissioner District 3County
Karen WilleyCounty Commissioner District 3County
Gene DorseyCounty Commissioner District 4County
Jamie ShewCounty ClerkCounty
Charles BransonCounty District AttorneyCounty
Kent BrownCounty Register of DeedsCounty
Kim L. MurphreeCounty Register of DeedsCounty
Kay PesnellCounty Register of DeedsCounty
Jay ArmbristerCounty SheriffCounty
Gary L. Bunting, Jr.County SheriffCounty
Dale FloryCounty SheriffCounty
Doug WoodsCounty SheriffCounty
Ken McGovernCounty SheriffCounty
Timothy G. MorelandCounty TreasurerCounty
Adam RainsCounty TreasurerCounty
Paula GilchristCounty TreasurerCounty
Rick DavisHouse District 44State
Tom Holland (House)House District 10State
Joe HumerickhouseHouse District 59State
Stephanie KeltonHouse District 38State
Jason LittlejohnHouse District 45State
Linda RobinsonHouse District 45State
John WilsonHouse District 45State
Barbara BallardHouse District 44State
Anthony BrownHouse District 38State
Paul DavisHouse District 46State
Ann MahHouse District 53State
Terri Lois GregoryHouse District 10State
Tom SloanHouse District 45State
Mark BuhlerSenate District 2State
Scott MorganSenate District 2State
Roger PineSenate District 3State
Patrick WilburSenate District 3State
Marci FranciscoSenate District 2State
Anthony HensleySenate District 19State
Tom HollandSenate District 3State
Matthew WindheuserSenate District 2State
Friends of Lawrence Police, Inc.Political Action Committee (PAC)Pac
Lawrence UnitedPolitical Action Committee (PAC)Pac
Lawrencians Against the New Police HeadquartersPolitical Action Committee (PAC)Pac
Vote Yes for Lawrence KidsPolitical Action Committee (PAC)Pac
Lawrence RealtorsPolitical Action Committee (PAC)Pac
Yes for LawrencePolitical Action Committee (PAC)Pac
Americans For ProsperityPolitical Action Committee (PAC)Pac
Citizens for a Better Douglas CountyPolitical Action Committee (PAC)Pac
Douglas County Young DemocratsPolitical Action Committee (PAC)Pac
Lawrence Sunset AlliancePolitical Action Committee (PAC)Pac
There’s a Better Way Political Action Committee (PAC)Pac