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Candidate Reports

Candidate receipts and expenditures reports for elections held in Douglas County, Kansas.

*Amended = Amended report
(Please Note: Click on the candidate's name to view all of their reports.)
City Current Candidates & Elected Officials
Julie ConstantinescuBaldwin City CouncilCity
Brian CramerBaldwin City CouncilCity
Scott LauridsenBaldwin City CouncilCity
Susan PittsBaldwin City CouncilCity
Jerry SmithBaldwin City CouncilCity
Cory VenableBaldwin City CouncilCity
Casey SimoneauBaldwin City MayorCity
Brian Cramer (Mayor)Baldwin City MayorCity
Kelley Bethell-SmithBaldwin City USD 348City
Tony BrownBaldwin City USD 348City
Phillip HarveyBaldwin City USD 348City
Ande ParksBaldwin City USD 348City
Christopher PerryBaldwin City USD 348City
Susan SchiffelbeinBaldwin City USD 348City
Carrie StevensBaldwin City USD 348City
Steve LyonsBaldwin City USD 348City
Victoria "Tori" YardleyBaldwin City USD 348City
Jolene BornEudora City CommissionCity
Ruth E. HughsEudora City CommissionCity
Timothy ReazinEudora City CommissionCity
Lance HandleyEudora City CommissionCity
Zachariah N. BrooksEudora City CommissionCity
Mark ChrislipEudora USD 491City
Joseph HurlaEudora USD 491City
Michael KelsoEudora USD 491City
Lynn ReazinEudora USD 491City
Eric VotawEudora USD 491City
Samantha ArredondoEudora USD 491City
Charis GrosdidierEudora USD 491City
Heather WhalenEudora USD 491City
Claire HardingEudora USD 491City
Jennifer AnandaLawrence City CommissionCity
Stuart BoleyLawrence City CommissionCity
Brad FinkeldeiLawrence City CommissionCity
Chris FlowersLawrence City CommissionCity
Lisa LarsenLawrence City CommissionCity
Courtney ShipleyLawrence City CommissionCity
Amber SellersLawrence City CommissionCity
Ma'Ko'Quah JonesLawrence City CommissionCity
Bart LittlejohnLawrence City CommissionCity
Eric HydeLawrence City CommissionCity
Shawn PearsonLawrence City CommissionCity
Gillian Rogers ShawLawrence City CommissionCity
Milton ScottLawrence City CommissionCity
Ronald Gordon-RossLawrence USD 497City
Erica HillLawrence USD 497City
Melissa JohnsonLawrence USD 497City
Kelly JonesLawrence USD 497City
Shannon KimballLawrence USD 497City
Paula SmithLawrence USD 497City
Steve WallaceLawrence USD 497City
Andrew NussbaumLawrence USD 497City
Douglas ReddingLawrence USD 497City
Travis TozerLawrence USD 497City
Leticia A. GradingtonLawrence USD 497City
Markus LoganLawrence USD 497City
Myranda ZarlengoLawrence USD 497City
Elizabeth StephensLawrence USD 497City
Kay EmersonLawrence USD 497City
Melissa ClissoldLawrence USD 497City
Nate MorschesLawrence USD 497City
Owen MalloneeLecompton City CouncilCity
Tim J. McNishLecompton City CouncilCity
Jimmy WilkinsLecompton City CouncilCity
Jimmy Wilkins (Mayor)Lecompton City MayorCity